Well I have finally given up and joined the 21st Century by starting a blog. Its all AT&Ts fault. It seems that when AT&T merged with SBC after SBC merged with PacBell the customer comes in last. I can no longer send out my Photo Of The Week via email to more than 20 people at a time, and that’s not working for me. I called and emailed them to try and find a human that cared but to no avail. I even went on their web site as directed, to submit a request for removing the limitation, but it seems as companies get larger the customer gets smaller. So to make myself feel important again I am starting this blog to get out my favorite photos, tips and adventures to my favorite clients and friends.

So here we go.

We went to the Grand Canyon in July, hot you think, no, its monsoon season. That is great for Photography and it kept the buss loads of Japanese tourist from wandering far from the buss. While at the South Rim I added to my collection of tourist photos.

Next time I will post one of my best shots from this trip. Right now my battery is at 11% and fadingng fast and the cord is at the studio.