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I created this family’s portrait while they were on vacation in Morro Bay. I knew they were bringing their dog and I was excited to find out it was a beautiful black 140 pound Newfoundland named Finn. Finn was so fluffy and docile that as soon as you saw him you wanted to pet him. That is until the drool started hanging from his jowls. A drool towel came in handy, especially when he shook his head and the stuff started flying. The kids were unfazed by the flying drool and I was quick to cover my lens, so we all just wiped it off and kept shooting. It all worked out and I got some great shots. The mom loved the photos so much she called them magical.
Newfoundland family portrait - Dog Photography - Family portrait Photographer - Studio 101 West Photography

Beach Family Portrait - Family Portrait Photographer - Morro Bay Photographer - Studio 101 West PhotographyFinn was very reactive to the barking sounds that I make to get a dog’s attention during a photo shoot. Some more intense breeds will only look once or twice and they are done with you, but Finn was much more curious than that. The family enjoyed it too.

Vacation Family Portrait with Newfoundland Dog on Beach - Studio 101 West Photography

When I shoot family beach portraits, I like to get some lifestyle photos of them playing and interacting with each other. It gives me that slice-of-life feel that I love to capture. 

Central Coast Family Portraits - Beach Portraits - Studio 101 West Photography
Morro Bay Photographer - Family Portraits - Studio 101 West PhotographyFamily Portrait beach session - Lifestyle Photography - Beach Photographer - Studio 101 West Photography

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