Wacker Wealth Partners in San Luis Obispo is a regular client of ours for business headshots. They are in the process of updating their website and in addition to updating all their headshots, they wanted to add a more personal touch by having lifestyle photos on their “About Us” page. After doing their headshots with a studio setup in their office, we scheduled each partner for a lifestyle portrait shoot which reflected their own personality. From mountain biking to a walk on the beach, we got photos of each of them in an activity and location that was special to them. It’s a great way to help their current and future clients relate to them in a more personal and friendly way.

lifestyle photography - website non-traditional business portrait - Montana de Oro mountain bike photos -Studio 101 West Photography

Lifestyle Photography for Business Portraits - Morro Bay Photographer - Studio 101 West Photography

Business Portraits for About Us page - Lifestyle business portrait - Studio 101 West Photography

Non-traditional business headshot - Wacker Wealth Partners Photography - Studio 101 West Photographer
business headshot for website - business portrait - headshot photographer - Studio 101 West Photography

Business man surfer photo - website photography - Lifestyle photographer - Studio 101 West Photography

Real life business portrait - father and son musicians - About Us page photos - Studio 101 West Photography

San Luis Obispo Business photographer - website update photography - Studio 101 West Photography
Headshot photographer - San Luis Obispo business portraits - Business photos in your office - Studio 101 West Photography
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