Studio 101 West Shoots Elevator Photography for Mitsubishi

Elevator photography has ended up as one of my specialties. Currently, I’ve photographed dozens of elevators around the country for Mitsubishi Electric. Interestingly enough, every once in a while I see them pop up in an ad. This one at the South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, California was all glass and one of the more difficult to photograph. It was also just before Christmas so all the decorations limited my angles and I got hassled by the mall cops a couple of times. In short, I have learned to always have a name to drop and my business card to let them know I am legit, even though not local.

Being a local photographer for a local project has its perks, but not always. We know that paying travel expenses is sometimes a concern for our clients and we work hard to keep those costs as low as possible. Most clients, however, realize the benefits of hiring one experienced architectural photographer who will travel. This gives them the desired consistency in their marketing and advertising campaigns. Using a single, experienced architectural photographer greatly reduces the hassle of searching out photographers with unknown quality, in unknown towns. It is a catch-22 for us. Out of town companies regularly hire us to shoot local buildings! Of course, we appreciate the work and are happy that they find the quality of our work valuable.

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